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Why Massage?

Why Massage?

In this hectic world where everything can be done or needs to be done this instant (or just about everything), massage can help your mind to relax, and allow your body to heal itself.

Relaxed minds and spirits allow the muscles to relax, let go and let normal body rhythms take over.  

Massage therapy can benefit us in so many ways.

Decrease stress.

Massage is one of the best antidotes to stress.  It is also beneficial in relieving conditions aggravated by high stress and anxiety.

Relax tight muscles.

Muscles used to always be in a tight, contracted state are given a chance to let go, relax and coaxed gently back to its normal state.  Whether it’s a clenched jaw, tight neck and shoulders, massage can help alleviate the pain and discomfort brought on by tight muscles.


Besides preventing future muscle injuries by helping your muscles maintain its normal state, massage can also help your body heal faster after an injury.  


It’s something we often take for granted.  Posture greatly influences our muscles, joints and ligaments.  Massage can help release restrictions in muscles, joints and surrounding fascia, thus freeing your body to return to its more normal posture.

Increase Circulation.

Massage can help in increasing blood and lymph circulation throughout our bodies, which assists in draining tissues of excess fluid caused by recent surgery, injury, pregnancy or inactivity.