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Testimonial from massage clients in Seoul, Incheon, USA

Written testimonials

I would like to thank you for your professional service.
I hope the following 2 lines express my comparison. 
I have used massage services 97 times in over 40 countries all over the world.
I would rank Jiyoung as second or third best.

 Business trip client at Shilla hotel Seoul, Korea 2007.10.25

Jiyoung gives a wonderful massage
I highly recommend her!
Her Swedish technique is the prefect amount of pressure to relieve, but relax at the same time.
Just enough oil to allow fluid movement but nor drenched!
Her movements are unhurried and nurturing; she is professional but not clinical – she connects with your body.
I give her an A+.

University professor client from Reno, NV, USA 2015.03.01

“Hi JiYoung. So good to have met ! Massage was great it was like walking on a cloud afterwards.

Expat clients living in a Novotel ambassador hotel in Seoul, Korea

Most definitely one of the best massages I have ever received since having back surgery. The best massage in Seoul! Must experience the soothing effect of illuminating glowing salt stones and a wonderful massage in a zen-like studio environment

Joey, expat client in Samgakji, Yongsan, Seoul
*This was when I had Well-being Studio in Seoul in 2008

Jiyoung, You did an fantastic job with my massage. That was one of the best massages that i have ever had. You have earned another loyal customer and i will make sure to see you as often as i can.

Monday, March 10, 2008 3:34:21 PM

I highly recommend you work with Jiyoung!
In addition to everything she and others noted about her professional skills and amazing technique, I’d like to add that Jiyoungs’ happy spirit and deep, intuitive intelligence makes her an absolute JOY to be around.Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a few hours with her.
I promise you an uplifting experience!

Body of Knowledge
Senior Feldenkrais Practitiorer | 2015.03.11 

Wow! Your massage is different than massage shop massage! There is love and care in your massage. I feel very pure and bright energy spreading in my body now

My friend who had car accident & spine pain(back pain)

I just experienced 60 minutes of Heaven in the form of massage from HappyJiyoung.

Probably one of the BEST massages I’ve ever had (and I’ve had lots).

She has such a positive, amazing spirit with such a natural healing touch and we had so much to talk about afterwards as well.

For 1 hour my poor broken, battered arthritic body felt relief and comfort – which, I cannot even describe the intense pain I live with on a day to day basis – was such a wonderful thing to experience.

Thank you SOOO much Jiyoung! You are an amazing soul!!

Erin from Songdo, Incheon client really appreciated my massage and shared her testimonial. 🙂

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