Hi there! I am Jiyoung. I've been giving housecall massages around Seoul, Songdo and USA since 2002. Relaxing Swedish deep tissue aromatherapy massage is my speciality. 🙂 I live in Pyeongtaek, Korea as of 2024 which is 2 hour away from Seoul/Songdo. I am certified ITEC(International Therapy Exam Council-UK) aromatherapist.

Housecall Massage

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A little about me and massage

I’ve been offering hosuecall massage when I lived in Seoul for hotel business travelers and expats since 2002.

I speak fluent English and people tell me I am a healer or gifted(with healing).

I feel the knots and feelings of my clients very well and am good at relieving knots and pains.
Especially shoulders, neck and back pain, I work a lot as most of my clients spend a lot of time working in front of computer or sedentary.

I took ITEC(International Therapy Exam Council) course from UK for a long time.
I did more than 40 case studies and witnessed a lot of healing miracles with aromatherapy.
So I love seeing healing miracles or my clients feel so relaxed, pain relieving, enjoying the wonderful music, scent of essential oils and amazingly soothing and relaxing massage session.

About inquiring housecall massage session

Although I love seeing my clients relax and enjoy wonderful massage and music, sometimes conversations with me during the session, I am not always up for traveling for sudden housecall massage appointment.

I have other career...so I need advanced notice

I’ve been told and consider myself a healer and enjoys giving amazing massage but I am also web developer and marketing coach so I spend a lot of time working on the computer.

Often I go to bed very late and wake up late and tired as I am crazy focusing on online projects usually.
Intense personality…

So I am not usually ready for amazing healing session if client send me inquiry.
I need to know in advance so I can manage my condition and mind and mood for optimal healing massage session for you.

I know usually people suddenly feel like getting massage…but if you can, I would be appreciating advance notice(at least one day).
But feel free to contact me in case I am up for housecall massage visit.

It takes a lot of energy and time to prepare for housecall massage as I bring hundred of essential oils, music speaker, Himalayan salt crystal candle holders, massage table, towels, pillows, cover etc.
I need to be prepared for those and mentally too. 🙂

Also driving!

Unless you are happy to come to my place to get massage in Pyeongtaek hear Camp Humphreys.
Still I would need advanced notice so I can manage condition for optimal healing massage session.

Jiyoung gives a wonderful massage I highly recommend her! Her Swedish technique is the prefect amount of pressure to relieve, but relax at the same time. Just enough oil to allow fluid movement but nor drenched! Her movements are unhurried and nurturing; she is professional but not clinical – she connects with your body. I give her an A+.

— University professor client from Reno, NV, USA —

Jiyoung's Housecall Massage Services

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What My Clients Say 
About massage experience

Most definitely one of the best massages I have ever received since having back surgery. The best massage in Seoul! Must experience the soothing effect of illuminating glowing salt stones and a wonderful massage in a zen-like studio environment

Joey, expat client in Samgakji, Yongsan, Seoul